Shit is changing. Because we’re changing it.
- Michelle Shnaidman, CEO

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Welcome to Bellesa

Bellesa is a free adult entertainment website for women.
On Bellesa, you can find videos, erotic stories, and pictures/gifs.
Check out The Collective, where you can find articles and other creative pieces written by our community of unapologetically bold women.
Our goal is to provide an unmitigated perspective as to what it means to be a sex-positive woman in 2017.

Shit is changing. Because we’re changing it.

You’re changing it.

Gone are the days of women being stigmatized for enjoying sex.

Done are the times of apologizing for our sexuality.

Your presence on Bellesa fills me with hope. It makes me believe that the future truly is female. We’re here - and we’re taking back what’s ours. We decide what is “feminine”…because we are female. That means that whatever we do, whatever we are, is inherently…feminine. Think about that – and let it empower you. 💪🏼

We are preparing ourselves to publicly challenge many of the foundational ideals that shape a powerful and voracious industry. We are confident that with strong-minded, forward-thinking people—like you— standing with us, we can evoke real, important change.

We really do love hearing feedback from our community so that we can make Bellesa the best that it can be. Please don’t hesitate to use the feedback button on the bottom right corner of the homepage or simply e-mail me directly at :)

Much much love,

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