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Rannigan's Redemption: Resisting Risk (Part 11)

Category Romance
By Pandora Spocks
Time 12 minutes



His charter from the city had taken him to Norfolk, Virginia, where he’d caught a commercial flight to St. Bart’s. He’d arrived more than a day later than he’d expected and Jana had been none too pleased that he didn’t land in St. Bart’s until 9:00 Christmas night. She’d been there since Christmas Eve and had spent most of the day alone. At least as far as he knew. Maybe she’d hooked up with some guy before he arrived. She’d been somewhat mollified by his Christmas gift to her. 

They’d enjoyed a late locally-sourced seafood dinner from room service and he’d given her the earrings. She’d thanked him, but hadn’t seemed that thrilled with them. On the other hand, her gift to him had been a blow job. 

“Just what I’ve always wanted,” he’d joked. 

He loved it when Jana went down on him. It was, perhaps, her one true talent. She had a way of working him with her tongue and she could take all of him without gagging. Michael watched as her blonde head bobbed over his erect cock then closed his eyes, the better to savor the moment. She gave great head, but it also meant that she stopped talking for a few minutes. 

Michael could feel his release building. He put his hand on her head and pulled her off him. “I want to come on your tits, baby,” he said. She gave his cock another sensuous swipe with her tongue and, looking up at him with a seductive smile, she gripped his shaft with her right hand, sliding it slowly along his length. The sight of her huge tits bouncing up and down did the trick and he grunted as thick ropes of cum shot across her chest and between her breasts, dripping from her luscious hard pink nubs. 

They spent the next morning relaxing in a cabana on the beach. In Michael’s opinion, there was no better way to spend the holidays than lazing about in a tropical paradise. He thought about all the poor schlubs still snowed in back up north. Sure, the snow had been pretty but it had wreaked havoc on everyone trying to travel. 

Still, he hadn’t minded being stuck in the city on Christmas day. Spending part of the day at Maggie’s had been great. Michael smiled at the memory of Maggie’s face when she saw the bracelet. If he had to name one thing about her that intrigued him, it was that she didn’t play emotional games. If she felt something, it showed clearly, at least to him as an experienced observer of people. 

“What’s so funny?” Jana interrupted his thoughts. 

“What? Oh, I was thinking about your face when you saw your earrings,” he said, hedging his private thoughts. He pictured the pair of square cushion-cut amethyst earrings from Tiffany. They hadn’t been a third of the cost of Maggie’s bracelet, something Jana didn’t need to know. 

For now, what he wanted was to enjoy his chaise on the beach with a view of the crystal-blue Caribbean water and the feeling of the sun on his skin. And the privacy of his thoughts. Why do women have to talk all the time? 

Michael sported a tan when he returned to the office the following week and hit the ground running. The New Year in the offices of Murphy, Rannigan, and Metheny was busy with new clients and cases. They had two court cases in the first three weeks. The team picked up where they left off before the holidays, prepping for various cases, conducting interviews and depositions, going over documentation, and considering jury profiles. 

If Maggie was Michael’s right hand, Dan was his left. Together, the trio made an effective team. Sometimes Maggie worried about Michael depending on them so much, but she knew that at least they were trustworthy, unlike the recently departed John Hemphill and Ellen Standifer. 

Another change was that the Friday after-work gathering at Doc Watson’s became standard, whether or not there was a court victory. The dark cloud had lifted and everyone found that they enjoyed getting together for pints before they all went their separate ways for the weekend. 

Most of the time, Michael had his dates meet him at the pub. It saved him from having to hurry off to pick up a date and left him time to socialize with his team from the office. He genuinely liked hanging out with his co-workers in a more casual setting. 

He found that this was especially true of Maggie. At work she was diligent and focused. Outside of work, she was fun. He wondered if he was some kind of sadist, almost enjoying that hurt look in her eyes when his date showed up. He convinced himself that it wasn’t her pain he enjoyed, but the knowledge that she was still attracted to him. 

Speaking of Maggie, had she changed her clothes? She must have, he thought, brow furrowed as he watched her across the table at Doc’s one Friday after work. Earlier today she was wearing a suit. Of course she was, she always does. Now she’s wearing jeans with a purple sequined top and a blazer. Michael blinked in thought. 

He glanced around the table as tales were told and jokes were made. Everyone was having a great time. Maggie caught his eye and she grinned. He sighed inwardly, glancing at his watch. Vivian would be coming by any minute now. She was a pharmaceutical sales rep. He’d met her a few weeks ago when he was out with Jana. 

Why is it that everyone in pharmaceutical sales is beautiful, blonde, and has huge breasts? So they can sell more pills to doctors, of course. He grinned at his private thoughts. Vivian had replaced Veronica, who’d gotten married on New Year’s. Michael grimaced at that thought. Veronica had been a great piece of ass; he missed her tremendously. 

He sipped his pint as he noticed Maggie looking across the room toward the door and his mouth formed a firm line. She’d probably spotted his date. He didn’t bother to turn around. He didn’t want to appear anxious. Maggie had, no doubt, figured out his taste in women. 

Then Maggie smiled and waved. Frowning, Michael turned to look in that direction. A guy was walking toward their table, huge grin on his face. He was tall, about his own height, with sort of shaggy dark hair and wire-rimmed glasses. He was dressed in skinny blue jeans and an oatmeal colored sherman’s sweater, dark coat folded over his arm. The guy seemed familiar but Michael couldn’t place him. 

Maggie stood to greet him. “Everyone, this is Joe. Joe, everyone.” She smiled in Michael’s direction. “And you’ve met Michael.” 

Son of a bitch! It’s that teacher with the law club. Michael half rose and nodded. 

“Do we have time for a quick drink?” Maggie asked the new arrival.

Joe nodded. “Sure, we’re not in a rush.”

Joe pulled up a seat next to Maggie and ordered a pint. “Michael spoke at Kennedy High School a few weeks ago. Joe is a teacher there and he runs a pre-law club,” Maggie told the group by way of introduction. 

“I thought you didn’t do those kinds of speaking engagements,” Stan commented. 

“Yeah, well,” Michael responded, “Mags set it up. It seemed like a good thing to do.” He aimed for nonchalance, but the truth was, he was annoyed. 

What the hell is this guy doing here? Maggie was grinning like a school girl at Joe. Was this some kind of ‘turnabout is fair play’ kind of thing? Because if it was, he wasn’t biting. She could do as she pleased. Why should he care? Except that he did. 

He watched as over their pints, Maggie and the teacher chatted with each other and everyone else at the table. Frowning, he checked his watch again. Where was Vivian, anyway? 

Minutes later he heard a breathless voice in his ear. “Finally! I’m sorry to be late. I gave the driver the wrong address.” Vivian was sultry in a Bohemian mini-dress with a plunging v-neckline. Michael felt better immediately. He turned to almost apologetically introduce her to the others when he realized that they were all engrossed in conversation with Maggie and Joe. 

“Alright, team. Happy weekend. Vivian and I have to run,” Michael said, a little louder than necessary. 

Maggie looked up and smiled. “Have a great weekend, Michael. See you Monday.” 

He’d swear that she looked a little smug. He guided Vivian out into the night, the sound of laughter ringing in his ears. 


One afternoon in late January, Maggie’s office phone rang. “Maggie Flynn,” she answered. 

“Hi, this is Joe. Joe Santiago?”

Maggie frowned. The name was familiar. Who is this again?

When she hesitated, he continued, “I teach history at Kennedy High. You and Mr. Rannigan were kind enough to come and speak to my students?” 

“Oh! Joe. I knew I recognized your name. How are you?” Maggie asked “I’m good. Did you have a nice holiday?”

Maggie rolled her eyes. What do you need Joe? I’m kind of busy. “I did, it was great. So what can we do for you? Do you need another speaker?”

Joe laughed nervously. “No, nothing like that. It’s just... Well, I was wondering. Someone gave me two tickets to a new play and I wondered if you’d like to go with me.”

Maggie sat blinking, her jaw hanging slack. Did he just ask me out? “Uh, wow... I don’t know. When is the play?”

“It’s this Friday night. It’s supposed to be really good. I know we only met that once, but you seemed like someone I’d like to get to know better.” He hesitated. “I hope you don’t think I’m being pushy.” 

Maggie sighed thoughtfully. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been on a date. It had been even longer since she’d had sex. Not that this would lead to sex. Where had that thought come from? Friday night... She grinned mischievously. I wonder... 

“This Friday, huh? I work until about 5:30. Could you meet me at Doc Watson’s?” Absently, she chewed the edge of her thumb as she waited for him to answer. 

“Doc Watson’s? Yeah, I know where that is. I could meet you there. We could even have a drink before we go.” 

“Excellent!” Maggie said. “That sounds like a plan. So I’ll see you on Friday, then?” She hung up the phone smiling. I can’t wait to see the look on Michael’s face. 

“You coming to Doc’s, Mags?” Michael asked. He’d stopped in her doorway on his way to the elevators. 

Maggie looked up from her computer. “Yep, I’ll be there. Just a couple of things I need to get nailed down and I’ll be on my way.” 

“See you there,” he called over his shoulder. 

She finished up and shut down for the weekend before changing her clothes in her bathroom. Replacing her grey suit and blouse were a purple sequined tank top with a black boyfriend blazer over black skinny jeans. She touched up her hair and makeup and surveyed herself in the mirror. Not too shabby. 

She considered what she was about to do. Maybe she was being juvenile, trying to get a rise out of Michael. But frankly, his behavior confused her. He’d kissed her. Twice, and passionately, too. Probably the first time didn’t count, they’d both been drunk. But on Christmas, they’d been stone cold sober. He’d kissed her like he meant it, then gone off to spend an exotic weekend with one of his Barbie dolls. For all that, she wasn’t mad; she simply wanted more. Maybe when he saw her with someone, shit would get real. 

Several of the 50th floor team were already well on their way into Happy Hour when Maggie entered the pub. She found a seat beside Dan. A few people from the other floors were there as well. Maggie saw Nate and winked at him. 

“I’m only staying a few minutes,” he told Maggie. “I’m expected at home soon.” He rolled his eyes and laughed good-naturedly. Maggie hoped Ben didn’t push Nate away by being too clingy. 

Michael returned to his spot at the table, having ditched the tie and rolled up his shirtsleeves. He grinned at her. “You’re about a pint behind, Mags.” 

“Well, Hell’s bells! Somebody get me a pint!” she demanded in an exaggerated tone. 

Maggie enjoyed joking around with everyone, but she kept an eye on the door. She wanted to see Joe right when he came in. She hoped he’d arrive before Michael’s date du jour. It occurred to her that she was being shallow, using Joe to bother Michael. Maybe. Or maybe she just wanted to go out. And meeting here was convenient. Simple as that. Yeah, right. 

Joe walked into the pub, pausing to remove his black overcoat and hang it over his arm. He was dressed in a chunky beige sweater and jeans. When he looked up, Maggie waved and he smiled as he headed her way. She’d forgotten that he was so good looking. I mean, he’s not Michael, she thought. But he’s kind of nice

She introduced him to the table, relishing the look in Michael’s eye when he recognized Joe. He was not pleased. She smugly engineered it so that they would spend a little longer at the table, having Joe order a drink before they rushed off to the theatre. Michael’s date arrived, a new one, Maggie noticed, and he didn’t even bother to introduce her. They left quickly, wishing everyone a nice weekend. 

Maggie smiled triumphantly. “Have a great weekend, Michael. See you Monday.” 

She and Joe left shortly after that. The theatre was a short cab ride from the pub. They quickly found their seats and began to scan the Playbill. The play was a modern avant-garde sort of thing, not really Maggie’s cup of tea, but she was always up for a live performance. There were brief breaks in the performance, allowing her and Joe a chance to engage in small-talk. 

Out on the sidewalk after the play, Joe turned to Maggie. “Are you hungry? Would you like to get something to eat? Or drink? Or both?” he asked, laughing at his awkwardness. 

She smiled. “Sure, that sounds great.” They ended up seated in a booth at a cafe not far from Doc’s. Over pie and coffee, Maggie answered his questions. She’d grown up in North Carolina, she’d graduated from NYU Law School, she’d worked with Murphy, Rannigan since graduation. 

He told her that he’d been raised in upstate New York. She learned that he’d been teaching for about eight years, since his graduation from college. His degree was in education and he had a Master’s in history and political science. She could tell by the way he spoke that he loved teaching, loved impacting kids’ lives. 

As he talked about teaching, Maggie found his idealism noble but she realized that they had little in common. She figured the conversation would wind down and they’d each be on their way. They left the cafe and stood out on the sidewalk. 

Joe placed a hand on the small of her back. “The pie was great, but I could really use a beer. Can I take you for a drink?” She noticed a slight glint in his eye. 

“A drink sounds good,” she said. 

They pushed their way into a bar a few blocks from the cafe. They found a tiny table in a corner and Joe ordered a Stella for himself. Maggie asked for a glass of white wine. In the warmth of the bar, she took off her jacket and placed it on the back of her chair. Joe’s eyes were on her chest. 

So we might be interested, she mused. She sat forward, leaning against the table, in a posture that pushed her breasts up. Joe finished off his beer and ordered a Scotch. They sipped without speaking. The music was so loud that conversation was virtually impossible, anyway. Maggie began to lightly drum her fingers against the back of his hand. She saw the gleam in his eyes grow hotter and she smiled at him. 

Joe looked away for a moment. Then he leaned over. “Do you want to find someplace quieter?” 

She felt his stubble as she brushed her cheek against his and spoke into his ear. “Is your place quieter?” 

“I haven’t been here long,” he said by way of apology. “I couldn’t take having roommates.” 

Maggie glanced around the tiny apartment. Real estate prices in the city being what they were, the place wasn’t bad. She set down her purse and took off her jacket. 

“I have Scotch. Is that okay?” he asked. Maggie nodded. God, I hope he loses the awkwardness. 

While he worked in the kitchen to get them drinks, she sat on the couch and looked around at the books and papers in stacks around the living room. Teaching was clearly his life. If anyone looked around my apartment, they’d see law books and files all over the place

He made it to the couch with two glasses of Scotch and handed one to her. “Here you are,” he said, and he sank onto the couch beside her. He sipped nervously. 

Maggie decided to take matters into her own hands. She put down her glass on the coffee table and shifted to face him, drawing her left leg under her. She gently stroked his arm and he gazed down at her, desire turning his brown eyes even darker. She removed his glasses and set them beside her glass, leaning up to lightly kiss along his jawline, moving down his neck as he responded with a low growl. She stopped and peered up at him. 

Joe leaned down and kissed her hungrily, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her to himself. Maggie matched his intensity, welcoming his tongue as it sought her own. He tangled the fungers of his right hand in her hair as his left hand moved lower, searching for the mounds that had attracted his attention earlier, finding her right breast and squeezing it firmly. 

“Hang on,” she said into his mouth. She leaned back and pulled the tank top over her head, exposing a bra of sheer black lace, her aroused nipples straining against the delicate fabric. 

“God, you’re...” he broke off as she leaned into him again, kissing him and caressing his obvious erection through the fabric of his jeans. “Beautiful,” he finally finished when he broke from her kiss and pushed her down on the sofa. He tugged off the sweater over his head and tossed it aside before he unzipped his fly, releasing his enormous cock. 

“Oh, my,” Maggie murmured, arching her back in anticipation. Joe leaned over her, covering her left nipple with his mouth, suckling her through the sheer black lace of her bra. She reached down to grip his rock-hard cock, finding a drop of his essence at its tip, and she smeared it around his head with her thumb. 

Joe undid her jeans and tugged them down, black lace panties and all, to reveal a tiny trimmed patch of red hair at the apex of her thighs. Maggie took his hand and pressed it to her wet, pink folds. “This is where I want you,” she whispered. 

He reached around to his jeans and dug out a foil packet from one of the pockets. Maggie watched approvingly as he tore it open with his teeth and unrolled the contents down over his member. 

Joe used his knee to push her legs further apart and he briefly teased her entrance with himself before slamming into her. Maggie gasped in his ear. “Yes, oh yes,” she hissed. Joe continued to pound into her, grunting with effort as he drove them both closer to the edge. 

Maggie, for her part, closed her eyes and envisioned Michael punishing her core rather than Joe. She shooed away nagging doubts, content to deal with them later as she felt her climax building. “Oh, shit! Oh, baby, don’t stop, oh, fuck!” she breathed. 

Waves of release washed over her as she felt herself clench around his hardness. She cried out unintelligibly and Joe unleashed his load into the condom. “Oh, gahhhhhh,” he moaned before falling still over her, supporting his weight with his elbows. 


Michael arrived at the office early on Monday morning. He was anxious to see Maggie and ask about her weekend. He’d briefly toyed with the idea of Snapchatting her on Sunday, but then thought better of it. He was standing by Karen’s desk perusing some documents when Maggie stepped off the elevator. “Howdy, Mags. Good morning.” 

Maggie was juggling her purse, her case, and a huge coat she’d apparently removed in the elevator. “Hey, Michael. Happy Monday.” 

He followed her to her office, holding open the door so she could enter with her arms full. She put down her purse and case on her desk and hung up her coat in the small closet near the door. Casually, one ankle crossed over the opposite knee, Michael leaned back on the sofa across from her desk. “So how was your weekend?” He aimed for nonchalance. 

Maggie turned and smiled radiantly. “It was great!” She returned to her desk and locked her purse in the bottom drawer, placing the case on the credenza behind the desk. She crossed to where Michael was sitting and perched on one of the coordinating chairs across from the sofa. “How about yours?” 

Michael frowned slightly as he considered her enthusiasm. “It was good,” he said noncommittally. “How long have you been dating that teacher?” 

Maggie frowned. “Not long. Why?” 

Michael shrugged. “I don’t know. It just seems odd to me, that’s all. I mean, we go do that school thing and the next thing you know, you’re going out with some teacher.” 

Maggie sat back and crossed her arms in front of her. “Why is it odd? We met, he’s a nice guy, he asked me out. I’m not sure what you’re saying.” 

“I’m not saying anything, I’m just...” Michael sighed and gestured with both hands. “Well, what could you possibly have in common with that guy?” Maggie watched him struggle to choose the right words. “He just seems to be boring as shit. I mean, sure, you go to a play. But what then?” He composed his face, trying for reasonable. 

Maggie’s eyes narrowed, her arms still crossed. “What did you do on your date?” Michael visibly blanched as he recalled the various positions in which he’d fucked Vivian. “I don’t understand why you’re suddenly curious about my love life. I went out with Joe, and I will probably go out with him again.” She uncrossed her arms and stood to leave. “It has no bearing on my work.” 

Michael also stood. “I know. You’re right. I don’t mean to pry into your personal life. I just... Well, I worry about you.” He grinned affably. 

“Well, don’t. I’m a big girl and I can look out for myself.” 

Sitting at the conference table, Maggie’s focus was not on the discussion at hand. She absently chewed the end of her pen, fuming over Michael’s interrogation about her date. And the very fact that she was irritated irritated her further. The whole point of having Joe come to Doc’s was to irk Michael. Now that it worked, I’m annoyed with him? Maggie shook her head to try to clear her thoughts. 

By the end of the day, things were back to normal between Maggie and Michael. He dropped the subject and she was happy to leave it. She’d probably think twice about having a date meet her at Doc’s again. 

In the following weeks and months, with Dan as their third, they found their groove again, working cases, searching for precedents, poring over documents, interviewing clients and witnesses. In court they worked together flawlessly, winning most of their cases, occasionally losing, but always ready for appeal. 

Maggie went out with Joe several times over the next few months, sometimes to a movie or to dinner, but it always seemed to Maggie that it was just an excuse for them to get together to have sex. She knew she didn’t love him, wasn’t really attracted to him beyond the physical if she was perfectly honest, but she rationalized it to herself. If it’s good enough for Michael... 

It was mid-April when she realized that it had been a while since Joe had called. I haven’t heard foom him in about a month, she mused. She didn’t waste time or energy worrying about it. He’s probably busy with school. 

One Saturday morning, she and Michael met at the office to get some work done, prepping for a case that would be in court on Monday. When they finished, he offered to take her to lunch. 

As they made their way down the street that mild spring day, they came face to face with Joe, who couldn’t have looked more surprised. 

“Hello!” Maggie greeted him. “How are you? You remember Michael?” 

The color drained from the teacher’s face and his eyes widened. “Uh, yes, of course. How are you?” He turned to a petite brunette woman at his side. “Honey, this is Michael Rannigan, that lawyer I told you about. Please meet my wife, Amy.” 

Michael glanced at Maggie, who had yet to respond. He offered his hand. “Good to see you again, nice to meet you, Amy. And you know Maggie, of course.” 

“Uh, yeah, she came to the school with you,” Joe said. He desperately eyed Maggie, begging her to play along. 

She wasn’t having it. Eyes narrowed, she shook her head and said, “No, I’d swear I’ve seen you someplace besides the school.” 

Joe stood with his mouth hanging open. Michael jumped in. “You know, Maggie, I think we might have seen him at Doc Watson’s.” He gave a satisfied smile. “I’m sure that’s it. You were at Doc Watson’s.” 

“I might have been, I’m not sure. If you’ll excuse us, we’re running late,” Joe mumbled hurriedly. “It was good seeing you again, Michael, Mary.” 

Maggie and Michael stood watching as the couple hurried down the street, and they heard Amy saying to Joe, “We aren’t late, what are you talking about?” 

Michael turned to Maggie. “Wow. How about a drink instead of lunch?” 

They crossed the street and entered a dark pub, snagging two stools at the far end of the bar. Michael ordered bourbon for both of them. Maggie was silent, contemplating the contents of her glass and for a while, Michael left her to her thoughts, toying with his glass, making a pattern of condensation rings on the bar. 

Eventually he tried, “You know, Mags, I never thought that guy...” 

She held up a fingering warning. “Michael, don’t.” She shook her head in disgust. “He fucking called me Mary.” 

“Well, technically...” he began, but she silenced him with a look before she tossed back her bourbon. Michael discreetly ordered a double for the next round. She drained that one and he ordered her a third as he sipped his original glass and added to his pattern of rings. 

When she finally spoke it surprised him. “You know, it’s not like I was in love with him. Which makes my reaction to this so... so stupid.” He smiled at her sympathetically. “We had a good time and all. But mainly it was just sex.” 

She glanced up at him, wondering if he’d be shocked. He didn’t seem to be. “Believe me, if I had known he was married, I would never have gone out with him. I don’t do that.” 

Michael looked down at the pattern he’d made on the bar. “You know there’s no judgement here. Go out with a married guy, go out with a single guy, what do I care?” He grinned ruefully. “Hell, I’ve been known to go out with a married woman now and again.” 

“Oh, great! Now I’m you!” Maggie laughed humorlessly.

“Ouch!” Michael laughed as her fourth bourbon was delivered.

She looked up at him, green eyes glinting with pain. “I just hate feeling stupid,” she said quietly.

“I get it, Mags, believe me.” He looked down, fidgeting restlessly with his glass again. “I was dumped by a woman not too long ago. She said that she couldn’t see me anymore, she was getting married.” He looked up at Maggie. “It shocked the shit out of me. Out of the blue, she was inviting me to her fucking wedding.” He shook his head. “I really miss her, too. I kept thinking, How did I not see that coming? Feeling stupid sucks. You know you’re not stupid, right?” 

“I seriously question my judgement when it comes to men,” she replied, slurring slightly. She regarded him for a moment and raised her glass in a salute before draining it again. 

He looked back down at his glass, not missing the meaning of her mocking toast. “How about we get you home?” he asked gently. Michael settled their tab and walked Maggie outside into the late afternoon. 

Maggie pointed waveringly down the street. “Tha’s where I can catch the subway.” 

Michael smiled. “No subway for you today.” He hailed a cab and gave explicit directions to the driver, along with a crisp hundred dollar bill. When he opened the door, Maggie reluctantly sank into the back seat. 

“I can manage, really,” she said. 

“I know you can. This is my thanks to you for coming in on a Saturday.” He closed the door and patted her shoulder through the open window. “Are you going to be okay?” 

“I’m always okay,” she said sourly.


Pandora Spocks is a sassy ginger and hopeless romantic, living her happily ever after in South Florida. She enjoys reading and writing literary erotic romance. She is the author of the three-novel epic romance Rannigan’s Redemption, and a naughty little romantic novella, Just One Night. The Dream Dominant Collection, a series of light BDSM stand-alone novels, includes Luke & Bella, Lost & Bound, and For Sparrow.

Pandora is currently at work on her next spicy romance. In the meantime, you can find more of her work through Amazon and Goodreads.


Posted on Feb 09, 2018


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