The rougher the better, Mia and Manuel

Umm wut... Mia Malkova and Manuel Ferrara rough scene where have you been hiding? Manuel is my favorite male pornstar (sorry Danny, Tyler, Chad, I love you all too), because he's so good at naturally setting the tempo. Nothing feels forced in the scene. Yes, they have amazingly rough sex, but there's a lot of them slowly riding each other and him reading her body before plowing away. I'll be honest (and it sucks to knock a video this good), but I kind of hate the storyline of Mia trading sex for a ride to San Francisco, but I can easily forgive it just on the pure awesomeness of the sex in this vid.




rough, mia, manuel, orgasm, hard, ride, hitchhiker, hitchhiking, riding, eating-out, foreplay, story

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Apr 04, 2017
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