"We should not be showering together..." (MUST SEE)

WOW. This video has all the makings for a 10/10 porn. Great storyline, solid acting, loads of fantasy fuel, and moments of pure passion. Alan Stafford is getting married to Michelle Lay's daughter... but that doesn't stop Michelle from wandering into the bathroom to check out "the goods" while he's showering after some exercise. The part at 3:05 when she joins him in the shower with all of her clothes still on is MUCHO hot. Add that to some tantalizing passionate sex starring a HOT guy who has his fair share of camera time and you've got yourself your new favorite porn video! Please take my word for it and watch the entire thing!




wedding, story, family, shower, spy, voyeur, passionate, doggy, hardcore, missionary, positions, squirt, orgasm, multiple-orgasms, moaning, hottie, hot-guy

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Jul 06, 2017
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